Who We Are

Our Approach

The very first step in our approach is education. Our team prioritizes only allowing the best of the best financial professionals the opportunity of educating you. After we educate you, we create a plan, we fix what’s wrong, we monitor your progress, we adjust as life happens, and we actively manage and plan for a successful retirement. We take the initiative to discuss your retirement system first. Then we take the time to elaborate on how your unique system combines with advanced retirement strategies, all of which we structure to best serve you and your family. Although many financial services professionals focus on specific products, our experience has proven that our clients’ needs are best fulfilled by focusing on processes, and most importantly, people.

Why Us

Many firms skip the steps in our approach entirely. They don’t take the time to do the research on your retirement system, they just tell you about their agenda. Oftentimes this leads to our competitors overlooking details of your plan and making costly mistakes. In comparison, we’ve already studied the many factors of complex retirement systems and are prepared to educate you from the very beginning. We believe it is equally as important for you to have a strong understanding of your retirement system as it allows for both you and I to be as informed as possible on how to best design an all encompassing plan for you. This approach ensures that every detail is accounted for when customizing a strategy unique to your situation. Plus, we’re willing to do this for free before we even begin talking about our other services.

Our Professionals

Since 2011, Gianni and Richard have been assembling a highly regarded network of professionals which includes investment advisor representatives, CPAs, CFAs, CFPs, JDs and other experts with the highest designations in the world as part of their vision to build a system that is able to effectively serve the complex needs of all different retirement scenarios.

Richard Corral


Richard founded Retirement Systems after several years of dedicating himself to educating clients and producing successful financial outcomes when managing risk and reward within financial plans totaling millions of dollars. Beginning in 2011, Richard entered the world of finance and quickly became passionate about optimizing financial strategies. By 2013 he was at the Hedge Fund Division of CME Group, a firm that handles $1 quadrillion per year of advanced financial instruments such as options and futures. Richard tracked the trading activity of global hedge fund firms (ranging from tens of millions to tens of billions in Assets Under Management) and their volume across investment sectors such as Foreign Exchange, Equity, Interest Rates, Energy, Metals and Agriculture.

At Grant Thornton, top 5 global public accountant, he performed valuation services ·by constructing buy/sell side purchase price allocations, goodwill impairment tests, and stock option models for public/private companies and private equity firms (ranging from $2.5 million to $30 billion dollars in enterprise value) by using discounted cash flows, excess earnings, relief from royalty, LBO, and option pricing methods. In 2015 Richard was elected to Aon’s Financial Leadership Program where he supported efficiency, reconciliation, and reclassments of several billion per quarter. Richard graduated with a cum laude honors distinction, majoring in Finance at DePaul University in downtown Chicago


Gianni Perkovic


Hailing from the Driehaus College of Business at DePaul University, Gianni has worked for a variety of world renown financial institutions prior to his founding of Retirement Systems. These firms include Citizens Financial Group, Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust, and several boutique consulting firms. All multi-million/billion dollar financial institutions with outstanding track records of client service and performance.

Most recently, Gianni worked with a boutique consulting firm where he went above and beyond by assisting with the creation of their asset management team, leading the way to new products and solutions that greatly enhanced the firm’s services. Gianni went on to lead efforts in the asset management division of the company by assisting his colleagues and their clients in order to make sure that all asset management strategies had been considered and that every opportunity to add additional value was identified. Through his exceptional client service and aptitude for creative personalized financial solutions, Gianni has gained the trust of millions of dollars in assets. As a fiduciary, Series 65 licensed investment advisor, Gianni holds himself to the highest standard possible by ensuring that any advice he ever provides is in the client’s best interest.